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Plum Island Beautification

Plum Island Beautification meetings, the 1st Tuesday of the month

All are welcome to PI Beautification meetings, the 1st Tuesday of the month at PITA hall at 7:00.

Any questions or ideas please email Lynne Petty at lynnepisland@gmail.com

Thank you letter from State Senator Bruce Tarr 

“Thank you for the tremendous work PITA has done - we have a great partnership and I look forward to it’s continuing success.”

“Our first main road from Town Way to northerly tip of Plum Island, September 19, 1920.  “

From the new book, Plum Island and Salisbury Memories, published by the Daily News, 2016, Alan White Editor.

Call PITA or email Frank at Fpierce1@comcast.net for the book.

PI Provisions: Remarkable Takeout Restaurant and Min-mart Delivers

by Dirk Messelaar, PITA

Lucky Giannopoulos, an unusually friendly and hard-working 55 year-old, has owned Plum Island Provisions on Plum Island Boulevard for a little more than 2 years. Work is such a big part of his life, that Lucky even lives in the apartment above the store. He had heard from a mutual acquaintance that Bob Ducotte Jr. might be interested in selling Dick’s, a Plum Island fixture for more than 30 years.

Mr. Giannopoulos was 12 years old when he emigrated with his parents  to America from Sparta, Greece 43 years ago. His father, a carpenter, originally came to the United States to help build the Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers, among other projects. Both parents have moved back to the old country to enjoy their retirement.

Lucky came to Plum Island two years ago with an impressive history of success in his former restaurants: the Pizza Factory (Newburyport), the State Street Grille (Newburyport), and the Fish Hill Tavern (Beverly). And, he still owns Jasmine’s Roast Beef in Seabrook.

Plum Island Provisions boasts a very large, modern stainless-dominated kitchen in addition to retaining a sizable mini-mart with groceries and provisions. The restaurant serves a wide range of menu items, specializing in roast beef, seafood, pizza and subs, and caters almost exclusively to take-out business. Lucky is now offering his own chile as well as home-made desserts in conjunction with the former owner of Angie’s in Newburyport. The store stocks a wide range of groceries and provisions (even fire wood), and it sells a good selection of wine and beer.

Lucky sounds surprised when he tells you that only about 10% of his grocery and restaurant business is delivered to homes. “Maybe if people knew that we can deliver everything we sell in the store, except beer, wine, and lottery tickets, more of them would take advantage of this delivery service.” Deliveries are available to customers within a 4-mile radius of the store, especially Newbury and Newburyport, for a small surcharge.

On its busiest days in the summer, Lucky estimates that between the store and restaurant, he serves “a couple of hundred customers each day” — with about 80% of his customers coming from Plum Island. But, it still seems that many more Plum Island residents will discover a hidden gem if they realize that their “one-stop island shop” serves excellent meals in addition to providing a well-stocked mini-mart.

Plum Island Provisions

29 Plum Island Boulevard

Newbury, MA



    open every day 7 am - 9 pm

    peak summer open until 11 pm

May Donnelly, Lauren Jones, and Lucky behind the counter