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November  2017    

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PITA Triggers $60k Purchase of Beach Access Mats by Dirk Messelaar, PITA

Maybe you’ve noticed that your walk down to your favorite stretch of Plum Island beach is easier now that more beach access mats, called Mobi mats, have recently been installed. Mobi mats were originally developed in France for military use. When used for military applications, the Mobi mats, made of heavy duty composite material, are rolled out over beaches (with sand, mud, or gravel) to permit troop and material landing access from sea and off-road movement once on shore. Since their original use, the mats are now also widely used to facilitate pedestrian beach access (especially important for disabled beachgoers).

About 10 years ago, the contractors who installed the PITA-supported playground at the end of Northern Boulevard donated three Mobi mats to PITA. PITA volunteers installed them at each of three Plum Island beach paths: next to 53rd Street, 57th Street, and across the street from Mad Martha’s. The donated mats proved themselves valuable in allowing easy access to beaches and, therefore, discouraging beachgoers from walking on the dunes. According to PITA Vice President and MRBA Vice-Chair Jerry Klima,”these mats are one of the many ways that we can help minimize beach erosion and help make beachgoers more environmentally sensitive.”  As a result of the donated mats effectiveness, in 2008 the Department of Conservation and Recreation in Salisbury purchased $100k worth of Mobi mats for the town’s beaches.

In 2012 at a Merrimac River Beach Alliance (MRBA) monthly meeting, PITA made the case for the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM) to pay for many more Mobi mats. With Representative Bruce Tarr’s assistance (MRBA chairman), CZM gave the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (in partnership with Newburyport Conservation Commission) $50k to buy 38 mats.  In addition, PITA contributed $3,000, and the estate of Plum Island resident Karen Roman contributed another $7,000, so that a total of $60,000 worth of Mobi mats were purchased. Mats each cost $2,000 , are 50’ long so that 20 mats were required for just 2 paths over 1000’.

The University of New Hampshire and the Newburyport Conservation Commission installed the mats on four Newburyport beach paths: next to 53rd Street, 57th Street, 69th Street, and Plum Island Point. The first two locations had the Mobi mats (that originally were given to PITA) replaced, and the last two got new mats for the first time.

PITA President Ron Barrett sees more Mobi mats in Plum Island’s future. “PITA will continue to encourage the Town of Newbury to secure funding for its own Mobi mats as well as help Newburyport buy and install more on Plum Island,” Ron pledged while inspecting the latest installation of beach access mats.

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-Plum Island Soap’s 20th year!

-Upcoming events PITA Hall

- 23rd annual holiday fair December 2nd

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Ron Barrett has promoted PI Mobi Mats.

PITA Christmas Holiday Fair Dec. 2, celebrates 24th year

You can pick out your tree, do some early shopping and have your kids deliver their lists to Santa, all at our 23rd annual Plum Island Christmas Holiday Fair.

The fair is Saturday, Dec. 2, at Plum Island Hall, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., with Santa returning by fire truck for his annual visit about 2 p.m.

Once again, we'll be selling premium trees, with free delivery on the Island. Crafters and artists from Plum Island and vicinity will offer handmade gifts, stocking stuffers and holiday decorations.  

There will also be raffle prizes, refreshments and lunch specials, including hot dogs, hamburgers, homemade haddock chowder and Diane Barrett's famous chili. 

The event is one of PITA's major annual fundraisers. All proceeds go to help maintain the Hall as a gathering spot for Island residents and support other PITA efforts, including surveying and marking public rights-of-way. So save the date and come celebrate the season with your PI neighbors.  Vendors interested in reserving a table, please see ‘Calling all Crafters’ below.

Calling All Crafters!

It's that time of year again! The annual PITA Christmas Fair is scheduled for Saturday, December 2nd, and PITA is reminding all crafters who have participated at previous PITA fairs to be on the lookout for this year's application form.

If you would like to participate as a vendor and haven't received an application form yet, please email or call Frank Pierce right away at fpierce1@comcast.net, or leave us a message with your name and contact information at 978 463-0670.