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February  2017    

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Remembering Alan White, Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist, Editor, Plum Island resident, PITA Secretary.

by John Macone, Lawrence Eagle-Tribune

Alan White, a longtime Plum Islander who served a distinguished career in journalism, died Jan. 19 at age 68.

“Al,” as he was known to his friends, was the oldest of nine children. He grew up in Worcester, and after graduating from the College of the Holy Cross he began his lifelong career as a journalist at The Eagle-Tribune in Lawrence. Al started out as a reporter at the paper, covering city hall politics and crime.

Early on it became apparent to his colleagues that Al had an innate gift for journalism, a natural talent that very few in the field could match. Over the years he moved up through the paper’s editor positions, taking on more responsibilities and shaping the culture of the paper to achieve the highest honors of journalism – two Pulitzer prizes, two finalist Pulitzer awards, and dozens of other national and regional awards. Al’s work earned him an unusual recognition that few journalists can claim – he was invited to the National Hockey League Hall of Fame, where players and the league honored his role in exposing a high-ranking NHL official who had scammed hundreds of players, including Bobby Orr.

Al was never terribly comfortable with awards, and he shied away from the hoopla that went with them. Most people outside of his profession didn’t know he had won so many honors, because he didn’t like to talk about them. Al preferred to spend his work time in the newsroom, helping both green and experienced reporters improve their skills. After his death, dozens of reporters from across the globe who had worked for Al remarked that he had been the most talented and influential editor they had ever known.

While journalism was his passion, Plum Island was his love. He had job offers from larger far-away newspapers, but the island was home. Al caught the surfcasting bug when he was a young man, and saved up to buy a small cottage on Northern Boulevard in 1991. From his deck he enjoyed a view of both the Basin and the beach, and called it his “poor man’s Riviera.” He fished the beachfront every morning during the season, hung around Kay’s Surfland, moored his boat in the Basin and tended his lobster traps, picked beach plums in the fall and made jelly, collected hundreds of vintage Plum Island postcards, and walked the beachfront in the winter. He was proud of his old cottage "The George," and cherished his close network of island friends.

Al lived alone but shared his life with many people. Visitors were always welcome to stop by, and he gave “anytime permission” for people to park at his house to go to the beach. He generously opened his home to family and friends, and loved to give away lobsters, his handmade jellies, and fresh-caught fish. Al was a dedicated volunteer for the Plum Island Taxpayers and Associates, serving as secretary and writing the newsletter for many years.

In honor of Al and in the spirit of his incredible mentoring and teaching talents, PITA has established a memorial scholarship fund for local journalism students, the Alan J. White Memorial Scholarship.

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Alan White, printed with permission,

by John Macone, Lawrence Eagle-Tribune

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